The apex of a cunt’s abilities and ambitions. No other task speaks to the natural inclinations of her place, nor gives her the sense of peace and accomplishment, as silencing herself and straining against the weighty demands of His pleasure. When faced with the undeniable majesty of a Man’s tumescence she can only attempt to ready herself for what will be required of her before giving herself over, utterly, to the service she was born to administer.

And even though she has been trained and practiced, even though she has enacted this service a thousand times or more, she still looks up at Him with eyes of longing when He allows her to pause. No matter the quality of her ability, no matter the eagerness with which she resigns herself to this repeated expectation, the cunt still pleads through her silent gaze.

"Am i doing well?" she whimpers with those eyes. "Am i enough for You? May i do more for You? Please, honor me with Your satisfaction."

As it should be. For We will always expect you to do more, to be more, and to worry that you are not yet enough, cocksuckers.